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   Brian Klemmer, author of The Compassionate Samurai, was the featured guest at a recent webinar called “Masters of Masterminding.”  He shared how a mentor helped to shape his way of thinking many years ago.

   Klemmer’s mentor asked him, “So, what’s your life plan?  Do you have a one-year plan; a five-year plan; a ten-year plan?”

   When Brian answered no to each of these questions, his mentor waved him off and told him to go immediately and create a list of goals.  Klemmer returned several days later, proudly presenting his 50-year plan.  He felt certain that he would receive praise for thinking ahead to what very well could be his entire lifespan.

   Instead, Brian’s mentor scolded him for limiting the plan to his own lifetime.

   “What happens after you’re gone?  Don’t you want your work to benefit future generations? What about building a legacy and establishing foundations to preserve your work for posterity?”

   Most of us have heard the old adage, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  But should we not also consider that anything worth doing right – especially if it is our life’s work – is also worth doing long after we’ve left to receive our heavenly reward?

   When we catch the vision for meaningful contribution and pour ourselves into those who share that vision, our work takes on a life of its own.  It stands the test of time and lives into perpetuity.


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