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   What does honor mean to you?

   I did not fully comprehend the concepts of honor and dishonor until I got older. I realized that those who treated me in an honoring way – as well as those who treated me in a dishonoring way – played a larger role in my life than I suspected.

   I understand the noun “honor.” That’s an easy one. Putting your hand over your heart as you recite the Pledge of Allegiance to give respect to the flag of our country; receiving an award for high achievement.

   But the act of honoring has a broader and more emotional meaning.

   Some people never miss an opportunity to point out the faults in others. I used to believe that putting someone down elevated me on those days when I felt worthless. How many times have I talked down to someone else? Maybe a flight attendant who didn’t serve me quickly enough, or a clerk who was not as attentive as I would have liked.

   We dishonor others in many ways. Arriving late for an appointment is dishonoring behavior. We communicate that our time is worth more than that of others.

   Abusing an expense account dishonors your company. Leaving a mess in the employee kitchen dishonors your co-workers.

   If we are going to positively influence our community – and ultimately, our world – we must start by empowering others to rise to a level they never thought possible. Speak well of your employer. Give others credit for their contributions. Build them up in front of others.

   Focus today on adding value to someone’s life, then stand back and watch as he or she begins to emerge as a leader who, in turn, begins to sow honor into others. It’s catching!


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