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That’s the burning question on a lot of people’s minds these days.
Even people in relatively good health are stressed to the breaking point by job concerns, financial worries and the struggle to find that silver lining in today’s social and economic climate.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducts an ongoing Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance. The BRFS is the world’s largest telephone health survey system, tracking health conditions and risk behaviors in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. I honed in on the Youth Risk Behavior Survey results because, as we all know, we will one day pass the baton to our young ‘uns!
The 2007 YRBS reveals that high school students nationwide are eating less fruits and vegetables than just ten years ago. In recent years soft drink consumption has significantly increased, and over one third of high schoolers are watching more than three hours of television every day.
These behaviors contribute to our kids’ expanding waistlines, not to mention increased risk for adult health challenges such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Overweight teens are turning to fasting, diet pills, forced vomiting and laxatives. These quick fixes have dangerous consequences for growing adolescents, including abnormal physical and psychological development
“What’s Happening to My Health” is a message Bette delivers to singles, families, seniors and anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by their circumstances.
It’s an urgent message about the effects of environmental toxicity on our bodies. But Bette’s also got good news about the steps we can take to improve our health on many different levels.
Who do you know that needs to hear this important word from our founder?
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